Friday, 26 April 2019

Paragraph on My Favourite Player

Paragraph on My Favourite Player

Cricket, in all its versions, is my favourite game. I have deep regard for some giant cricketers of the world-Sachin, Dhoni, Murlidharan and Ponting besides many others for their extraordinary zeal and skill. But of all, I like the former Australian captain Steve Waugh the most. He is my favourite player. As a player he has brilliant achievements. He is a top-class batsman, ingenious bowler and a smart fielder. Besides, he has captained the Australian team quite efficiently for a long time. He won the World Cup for his country on more than one occasion, every time with a convincing victory. He was a team-man. He had the killer instinct, which made him a conqueror in most of the matches he played, but he utilizes this instinct with a gentleman’s sophistication. However, the most striking feature of his character remains his love for the suffering humanity. He feels for the poor children. He was built a home for the homeless children in Kolkata. He is an international figure and is a source of inspiration for all players of the world. If all successful people come forward to help the needy people, this world would be a fine place to live in.



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