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Paragraph on Merit is the winner at last

Paragraph on Merit is the winner at last

In the modern world of cut-throat competition, a large number of persons have to compete to get a share in limited number of seat in educational institutions and employment. In this race, the likely winner can be a person who is competent and meritorious. Those who approach with letters of recommendation from important persons, may sometimes seem to beget their aspired goals, but in the end, the ultimate winner is the person who has merit. The letters of recommendation and ‘approach’ yield results to a limited degree only. These are the things which help the persons who have to connection with merit even from a distance. A meritorious person is difficult to be impeded in his path to advance. There may be persons who would like to see their kith and kin employed in the posts, but in the end they too realize that they should have given preference to the meritorious candidates. If the world was to run on the basis of the letters of recommendation, then this world would have progressed to the realm where there existed no problem. But it is not so. Hitler, who went on to become the Chancellor of Germany, did not bring any letter of recommendation from anyone, nor did JK Rowling whose books of ‘Harry Potter’ series are read the world over. The men who depend on merit need not look for patronage. Their merit puts them on the path to success.
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