Thursday, 4 April 2019

Paragraph on A memorable day in My Life

Paragraph on A memorable day in My Life

The memory of the past is sweet and soul-sustaining with different colours like a rainbow. However, the most remarkable day of my life was when my parents decided to adopt my sister, Trisha. I, being the only son in the family, received all attention and facilities that I could ever dream of, yet I felt sad and forlorn as we lived a flat where existed hardly any opportunity to mingle with boys of my age. I felt all alone. I longed for company. Parents felt for me. So, I went with my parents to bring my sister home from the Bandhu Orphanage. Trisha was brought home from an orphanage. When we brought her, she was an infant, a beautiful baby. She was a lovely creature, full of life and luster. Her presence at home made the environment at home exciting and lively. I was the happiest to have a sweet sister of my own. It was a memorable day of all days. The love that was founded in those early days continues to this day, stronger than ever before
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