Monday, 8 April 2019

Paragraph on A Journey in a crowded bus

Paragraph on A Journey in a crowded bus

A bus journey is anything but comfortable these days. The daily commuters are used to it. But for a person who scarce travels, like me, it is simply nightmarish experience. A few days ago I boarded a bus  to my uncle’s house. The bus was jam-packed. But I was lucky enough to get a seat on the window. It has a bright hot day in the middle of the month of June. The air inside the bus was heavy with the foul odour of the perspiring travelers. My agony multiplied many times more as the bus could hardly move in the heavy traffic. I felt uneasy ready to vomit any time. I tried to open the window, but it would not open despite my best efforts. In the meantime an old man came and stood before me. I stood up and offered my seat to him. He sat down with a feeling of gratitude. As the bus moved towards its destination, the travelers getting off were more than those getting in, so I could feel a bit respite. However, the pressure was not eased. At last, I thanked my stars when I reached my destination. After getting down, I filled my lungs with fresh air to feel relieved of the bad experience in the bus.



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