Monday, 29 April 2019

Paragraph on Importance of games and sports

Paragraph on Importance of games and sports

Games and Sports play an important role in life. they enable us to stay fit that's why Study has to be accompanied with suitable physical activity. It is necessary to keep both mind and body fit, as a sound mind resides in a sound body. Now games and sports help us have a fit body. They give us rest and respite from the dull drudgery of daily work. When a player undergoes ample physical training, it builds his body and stamina. In addition to making a man healthy, playing games helps to inculcate qualities of head and heart. It teaches team spirit, leadership qualities, cooperation, coordination, organisational skills and many other qualities. This was precisely the reason that competitive games have been held since time immemorial. Now brilliant performances by individual players or teams is universally acclaimed. They participants in the Olympics, the FIFA World Cup, the World Cup Cricket etc. become stars overnight. In addition, games and sports not only nourish the mind and body, but also nurture the spirit of national integration and a broad international outlook.
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