Monday, 1 April 2019

Paragraph on Good Manners make a man

Paragraph on Good Manners make a man

A man is what his manners and habits make him. Good manners are the signs of good breeding. They make a gentleman out of an ordinary human. In fact, the family environment is the breeding ground of good manners. Good manners indicate how civilized, cultured and refined a person is. They are of immense value in our daily life. In our social interactions, we should be just and impartial. We should be polite and unselfish in our dealings. A man of good manners is delightfully accepted in the society. He never hurts the feelings of others. When a young man offers his seat to an old follow passenger in the bus or when a man calmly awaits his turn to speak in a group discussion, he teaches others the invaluable lesson in good manners. A smile or a handshake, and other courteous expressions cost us nothing. If we are not courteous enough to apply them in our daily life, this becomes a sign of ill manners.
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