Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Paragraph on Fear the fear itself

Paragraph on Fear the fear itself

It is fear that hinders our progress the most. It is due to this that our mind remains preoccupied with conflict and discord. The fear of failure is the worst and it does not allow us to take initiative. A person who sits back thinking about failure can never succeed in life. A person can have a chance to succeed only if he acts at a suitable time. A person who falls in inaction can only repent at leisure that he failed to act when it was required the most. Fear shoots forth from negative perceptions, and it impedes our path to success. It should also be distinguished from scientific reasoning which makes a person consider a thing in its proper perspective. Rational thinking is not fear, because it is better to think of the pros and cons of a situation, but sitting back thinking only about adversity cannot do any good to a person. So, it is truly said that we should fear the fear.



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