Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Paragraph on A family Get-together

Paragraph on A family Get-together

A family get-together is the happy union of the members of a family on a festive occasion. Such a get-together took place in our house in Delhi for five days during last summer vacation. This occasion occurred on my sister’s wedding ceremony. Almost all our relatives attended the function. My two uncles, who are settled in Melbourne, came with their families. But the biggest attraction was our nonagenarian grandma. For some days, the whole house buzzed with sweet noises of children and laughter of the elderly. I enjoyed their sweet company very much. The occasion was celebrated with lots of games and jokes, riddles and contests. While my father and uncle shared the duties of making the occasion well arranged, the women contributed to work in the kitchen and keep the house neat even during such noisy and naughty activities. Many delicious dishes were prepared. I was in-charge of the tiny tots. However, the day came to a close with lots of fun and excitement. The relatives began to leave on by one with tearful eyes. They bade farewell to each other with a heavy heart and promise to meet sooner than later.



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