Monday, 8 April 2019

Paragraph on A boat journey I enjoyed

Paragraph on A boat journey I enjoyed

On last Sunday, I went to visit my friend’s house at Haldibari, a village located on the banks of the Ganga River. He promised me a boat journey across the river. On the Next morning, we walked to the river bank and boarded a boat. We were eight in number. The river was glittering in the bright rays of the sun. the wind and the current being favourable, our boat drifted on by itself. As the boat approached the middle stream, I feasted my eyes on the lovely sights of the fast flowing water and evergreen forests on the banks. Many village boys were bathing, women were washing clothes or utensils, fishermen catching fish and a person was bathing his buffaloes. I was overjoyed to sight the floating clouds in the sky. My friend started singing. A gentle breeze soothed us. Everything around us was bright and beautiful. Towards the evening we came back home. The journey has left a lasting impression on my mind.



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