Thursday, 18 April 2019

Paragraph on Awareness About Environment

Paragraph on Awareness About Environment

Environment is the sum total of all animate and inanimate objects that mutually interact and contribute to the growth and expansion of life. We all owe our existence to the-environment in every sense. Our responsibility is to keep the environment balanced and maintain its rhythm. However, what we do is just the reverse. Rapid industrialization, vicious atomic explosions and aggressive deforestation to meet different human needs results in the decline of forest zones in the world. All these activities adversely affect our lives directly and indirectly. Hence comes the need for awareness about a healthy environment. Both the government and people must come forward and make concerted effort for the betterment of the environment. Some concrete measures must be taken at once. These include our attention to the reduction to pollution levels, preservation of forests and wildlife, and plantation of trees. Pollution must be checked in all possible ways. The media can play an important role in arousing mass awareness about the need of the hour. We are already  late, and any further delay will put in jeopardy our very own existence. 



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