Friday, 19 April 2019

Essay on Tourism Potential in India

Essay on Tourism Potential in India

Vastness and diversity of India with rich ancient heritage makes India a preferred destination for the tourists of the world. It is a place where every tourist can hope to find the type of place that he might like to visit. It truly represents unity in diversity not only in people, religions and languages, but also in culture, climatic conditions, historical places flora and fauna, and much more. Here lies the rich treasure of historical buildings spread from one end of India to another. Many religions have prospered and developed here giving the country a true secular image. Besides important Hindu and Muslims religious and historical buildings, there can also be found the great churches in Goa and Kerala, the seat of Buddha under the Bodhi Tree in Bodh Gaya, the Golden Temple in Amritsar, the Bahai Temple in Delhi, the temples of Parsis in Maharashtra, and many more such places of interest that a tourist would love to visit.

India is unique into natural beauty too. Right from the snow-capped mountains in the northwest and northeast to the green plains of north India to desert in west India to plateaus in the south and the long sea coast—all these present the scenic beauty like no other country in the world can boast of. The places where art and architecture are at display are many in the form of Ajanta and Ellora caves, the Konark and Khajuraho, the Elephanta Caves, the great temples of north and south India, and modern architecture in various Indian towns.

A tourist has the advantage of visiting places of diverse interest. He can seek to go trekking and water rafting, all at the same time. He can visit high snowy hills and dense forests. He can choose to go to look at the sea life in the coastal areas or the wildlife in various national parks and sanctuaries. Everything is available here for the asking, only the tourist has to decide which thing or things he desires to see.

Tourism is a large industry. It fetches the country as good as Rs. 15,000 crores in foreign exchange (next only to textile and information technology). It is despite the fact that hardly any attention is paid for the development of tourism as industry. The tourism infrastructure available in this country is hardly adequate to meet the tourist inflow at present which is less than half a percent of the tourist flow in the world. If we need to increase this inflow by even half a percent more, we will have to build more infrastructure so as to meet the expectations of the tourists. The tourists visiting here often complain of lack of infrastructure for accommodation and travel, though they seem to be quite satisfied with the variety of food available here. The next big problem that they complain about is the red-tapism in bureaucracy in clearing passports and visas and providing other facilities which are necessary for a tourist to enjoy himself. Besides, corruption too plays its part.

The tourism departments of the governments of India and states take steps to advertise about the prospect of tourism in this country. But they fail to notice that a person choosing to visit a place is first convinced by the word of mouth. We should be in position to satisfy the tourists presently visiting us so that they can spread the right message by the word of mouth, and only this strategy is going to win us more tourists.

The tourists should be able to avail of package tours for various destinations in least possible time with proper comfort and guidance economically. It would enable them to save on time, which will allow them to visit more places. In this regard we have to learn much from smaller countries like Singapore and Thailand which attract considerable tourist inflow.

At the same time we should be cautious that in a bid to attract more tourist inflow, we should not allow our environment and rich cultural heritage to be spoiled and defaced.



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