Friday, 5 April 2019



India is a land of diverse communities and religions. We often come across news of communal riots taking place here and there. Communal harmony means the co-existence of all communities in an atmosphere of peace and happiness. It implies that all communities should get equal opportunities for development. 

Communal discord is at the root of many ills in the country. It is clear that there can be no social, political and economic development in the country without communal harmony. Precious life and property are lost during communal riots, due to which many constructive projects and schemes are suspended. IT causes disruption in the process of progress and development of the country. It vitiates the constructive atmosphere in the country.

No two people are similar in their physical structure or mental makeup. They work and think differently. Many people think what they believe is true, what they do is right, what they stand for is correct; and all other people are wrong. They do not understand the fact that human beings can have genuine differences of opinion. Charges and counter charges vitiate the atmosphere. Our political and religious leaders make the situation still worse. Sometimes the press also plays a role in widening the gulf between two communities. Peace and harmony do not make saleable news; war and disturbance do. So irresponsible newsmen give every incidence of disturbance a communal colour. Some foreign governments also like to destabilize the country by supplying funds and weapons to disruptive forces. 

India has always advocated international peace and one world government. But our advocacy remains meaningless if we are unable to end communalism. It is foolish to think that disputes will not exist. We have to find some means to settle issues amicably. Our concept of peace and friendship becomes meaningless if there is no communal harmony within the country. All disputes, big or small, can be settled amicably through dialogue.

The absence of communal harmony is a serious problem. It is the duty of religious and social leaders to think positive. They should try to teach their followers tolerance and co-existence. Our leaders should not add fuel to the fire, rather they should expose such forces to make them ineffective.

Our government should follow a secular policy in its essence. Appeasement of a certain section of community cannot be called secularism. Secularism means to look at all communities objectively. Our government has often sown the seeds of discord by its partisan policies in the name of secularism. Similarly, our entire government set up must be made impartial. Our educational institutions should cultivate the right attitude in our young men and women. All educational institutions which impart partisan education must be brought into the national stream. They should learn how to live and let live.

Even greater is the responsibility of the leaders and statesmen of the country. Instead of pointing out differences between different must not exploit communal feelings for petty party interests. Social workers should come forward and try to create an atmosphere of peace, friendship and harmony.

People should celebrate the festivals of other communities and come together on social occasions. They must guard themselves against rumours and mischievous elements. Disputes like Ram Janm Bhoomi- Babri Masjid should be solved peacefully through negotiations. They must not be allowed to disturb communal harmony.

Communal riots are a blot on our motherland. Ours is a secular democratic republic and the Constitution forbids any type of discrimination on any basis, such as race, creed or religion. All are equal sons of Mother India and it is the duty of the government to provide people with security of life and property. The security forces like PAC, BSF, CRPF etc. should be impartial in the discharge of their duty. Those found guilty of neglect of duty must be severely dealt with.



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