Friday, 12 April 2019

Essay on The Secret of Happiness

Essay on The Secret of Happiness

Nobody likes to see a sad face and hear complaining words. When you laugh, the world laughs with you. When you cry, you cry alone”. So, the secret of happiness lies in having an attitude for happiness. A happy attitude of life can be developed, and it does not require much training. There are ways by which we can make ourselves happy. We can cultivate many positive habits and ways of thinking to make ourselves happy and make this world a happy place to live.

The foremost secret of happiness is positive thinking. We should keep in mind constantly the positive aspects of life. A person views an event or incident in life positively or negatively. A person who thinks positively is a happier person than a person who thinks negatively. A positive person sees a glass of milk as half-full while a negative person thinks it as half-empty. A positive person looks for good uses even of a worthless thing, while a negative person trashes even the good things.

Positive thinking results in optimism. A person who thinks he can do a thing is confident of himself and he succeeds in life. On the other hand, a pessimist is short of confidence and cannot do even those things which he is capable of. This quality makes an optimist a happy person because he enjoys the fruits of his action; while a pessimist person does not act thinking of negative aspects, and it ultimately leads him to melancholy and unhappiness.

A should mind lives in a sound body. Much of misery in life is caused due to ill-health. Health is the foremost happiness. A person suffering from ill-health cannot imagine to be happy in life. Even if the possesses all pleasures of the world, his ill-health will not allow him to enjoy them. Therefore, it is necessary that a person takes regular physical exercise. A child must be taught from the very beginning to take regular exercise so as to build a strong body and keep fit.

Sound mind and health body should be coupled with action. A person has to act to achieve his objective. He must work hard to get proper education and training, and then set down to achieve his aim in life. A person who makes effort towards his objective becomes happy. An idle brain is the devil’s workshop. A busy man always remains a happy man. He does not have to feel the pinch of boredom and ennui.

A greedy and selfish person can neither by happy himself, not make others happy. A very essential quality to remain happy is to think for others. A person who works for others’ well-being is suitably rewarded with divine cheerfulness. Greediness is a source of unhappiness. A person who wants to hoard all luxuries of life cannot remain happy because there is no end to desires. It also vitiates the atmosphere in the family, neighbourhood and society.

Of course, the greatest quality of a happy person is forgiving. A person who ignores other’s follies and forgives them for their mistakes is really a great person. He lives a happy life and gives a message for cheerful life to others.



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