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Essay on A Road Accidents i witnessed

Essay on A Road Accidents i witnessed 

Accidents are a common sight in a large city like Delhi. They occur daily and in ever increasing numbers. They fill and cripple people for life. People often violate traffic rules and regulations. The public transport buses are the worst offenders. They have turned into killer buses. There is hardly a day when they are not involved in accidents.

Last Friday I witnessed an accident. It was a terrifying experience which raised my heir on end. It happened before my own eyes, suddenly and unexpectedly. It was late in the evening. A city bus came running at a great speed from the Mahavir Crossing side. Unfortunately, the driver lost control and the bus entered the Shish Mahal Colony. It crashed through many barriers before landing right in a house. It crashed through the iron railing, cast iron gates and the boundary wall and then reached the garden. The bus ran over the gardener who was standing there watering plants. He was crushed under the bus and died instantly. As the bus overturned there, many passengers were also injured. Fortunately ono one of them was killed or very seriously injured.

The residents of the colony gathered there and helped the passengers come out of the ill-fated bus through the windows. The police was informed, but it reached well after two hours, as it is wont to.

As usual, the driver and the conductor at once fled from the scene of accident leaving the passengers at God’s mercy. The impact of the accident was so high that it was felt like a tremor. There was lot of confusion and crying and the passengers of the bus were in a great shock. It took them some time before they could realise what had happened. However, they thanked their stars for not having been killed or injured seriously. It was a narrow escape for all of them. The wounded were sent to a nearby government hospital for treatement.

The people tried to push the bus and retrieve the gardener but could not succeed in their effort. After some time, the fire brigade came on the scene. They pushed the bus. A police party also arrived there and began its investigation.

The police took out the papers and documents of the bus to identify the bus-driver and the owner. But to their great surprise, the bus permit did not have any names. It was totally blank. Two challans were found and they contained contradictory information. They both carried names of two different persons as drivers.

The witnesses informed the police that the drive was driving rashly and negligently. He was attempting to overtake another city bus when he lost control.
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