Thursday, 25 April 2019

Essay on Co-Education Good or Bad?

Essay on Co-Education Good or Bad?

Co-education means both boys and girls getting education in the same school or college. It provides a conducive environment to them to understand each other in proper perspective. Today working women are accepted because if women are not allowed to work, one-half of our human resource sits idly without contributing anything in the growth, progress and development of the country. In modern age, it is necessary for both men and women to work hand in hand. Education trains a person to live a successful life.

Co-education helps to establish understanding between men and women. Education develops faculties and skills in students. It aims at making them useful and able citizens for the society and country. They must know each other. Their married life will fails without clearly understanding each other. Co-education prepares them to live in a practical world.

It may not be possible for the government to have separate schools and colleges for boys and girls in sufficient numbers of different types of courses. We have a large number of schools and colleges for boys but not for girls. So co-education solves this problem to a great extent. It saves a lot of money.

Co-education trains both boys and girls in similar types of tasks and subjects, so that they can try for same types of jobs in the country. The competition is open to both them. Co-education trains them in doing their duties well.

Some people dislike and criticise co-education. They find it harmful for the society. Some conservative people think that co-education can spoil the minds of boys and girls, so they disapprove of co-education.

Another objection to co-education is that girls are shy by nature and cannot study in boys education institutions with al freedom. So, co-education may not be useful and helpful to the girls. However, the success of co-ed educational institutions in the country has proved otherwise. It is often seen that girls do better in almost all courses than boys.

Some people argue that girls should be given different kind of education. So, Co-education will not serve the purpose. However, this thinking is outdated in the modern times, because both boys and girls compete for the same jobs and professions. We can find women as efficient pilots, engineers, soldiers, astronauts, scientists, policepersons, journalists, teachers and professors, virtually we can find them in all fields of life.

Co-education has both merits and demerits. Some experiments in co-education have been successful. Mahatma Gandhi wanted to educated both boys and girls on the equal terms. Today many women hold high posts in the country and abroad.

Some precautions must be taken in co-ed institutions. Discipline must be of a high standard in them. Both boys and girls must learn good manners.

Understanding should be developed between boys and girls so that they can appreciate and know each other well, without having trapped themselves in evil company and action.

Sometimes, when young boys and girls come closer, they get busy in making friends with each other. Boys chase their girls class-fellows. Sometimes it leads to competition among boys, leading to vitiated. Sometimes, they bunk classes and go to films or parks, and thus waste precious time of their education. Co-ed institutes should impart proper sex education to all students so that they can understand the intricacies of life.

Co-ed educational institutions are more or less places for fashionable shows where boys and girls wear exorbitant extrovert dresses. This leads to the formation of all sorts of undesirable habits at the cost of good qualities of character.

Keeping in view the merits and demerits of co-education, we can say that we cannot totally reject the concept of co-education. There is no harm in educating girls and boys together in primary and junior classes. They can study together. Co-education creates some problems at secondary level, but this is the when teachers should create a suitable environment in the school so that students can grow to become mature individual. This is the stage of life when both boys and girls have to be trained for higher education and for life.



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