Saturday, 13 April 2019

Beauty is in The Eye of the Beholder Paragraph

Beauty is in The Eye of the Beholder Paragraph

Beauty exists in the mind of the beholder. If it was thought that beauty is concrete, it might be a fallacy. If two persons look at a hill standing on its top, one may see that the hill is a tough journey downhill because of the rugged boulders here and there; while the other may see the greenery replete with trees interspersed with rocks and the hills surrounded by high peaks with silvery snow. 

A noble mind finds no mire or malice in the objects. His mind is in complete harmony with the surroundings about him. A healthy mind discovers beauty in things that is beyond his normal vision. Human mind is at its best when it contemplates beauty in common things giving manifestations to the emotions underlying in the mind. An optimist looks only at the bright side of things with an open mind; on the other hand, a mean mind finds a scar even on the moon. It goes to the credit of a sound mind that it sees nothing but beauty in things around him. The most monumental tribute to beauty comes from the mind that contemplates things in all their colours and forms without having to distinguish, and only beholding beauty in them all. Looking at common things from utility point of view diminishes the sense of perceiving beauty, which narrows the outlook. Be a child, and be happy even in ordinary things and you can see beauty all about you.



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