Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Short Paragraph on Rumours

Short Paragraph on Rumours

A rumour is a kind of hearsay or an unverified report passing from one person to another. It sets in confusion among the people. It may start from a fact, but ultimately it turns out to be fictitious. Once it gains momentum, it goes on unchecked. Immense is the power of a rumour. The people tend to believe in a rumour easily. A rumour spreads very quickly because people show interest in it. The modern means of communication add to the gravity of this problem. Again, it assumes such proportions that people hardly separate fact from fiction. A rumour can lead to dire consequences. It can damage one’s reputation, incite people to violence or create misunderstanding. In every human society, there are rumour-mongers. These people are just like any other social beings, but they like to exaggerate, distort or falsify the fact. In any case, a rumour can be very harmful. It is a pity that the mass media often indulge in rumour. We should be sensible enough to judge everything in the light of truth and reason.



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