Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Short Paragraph on Dignity of Labour

Short Paragraph on Dignity of Labour

By ‘dignity of labour’ is meant respect for physical work. However noble our ideas may be, they have to be coupled with action on the ground. Unfortunately, manual labour is not given due importance in our land. We all enjoy the fruits of physical labour, yet we are prone to undermine its significance. Our education system is largely responsible for this. It is more theoretical than practical. The state too does not offer right status to manual labour. We are trained so as to grow the habit of getting our work done by others. Again, we all hanker after white collar jobs. But such jobs are limited in number. Moreover, they may be easy for an individual, yet their contribution to the progress and development of the nation and world is negligible. However, it is a soothing sight to see many young people opting for profession in science and technology today. It is on their shoulders that the future of the country rests, because without labour we cannot find even small amenities of life, like cleanliness and hygiene. We must pay due to respect to a person who labours hand.

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