Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Short Paragraph Child Labour

Short Paragraph Child Labour

Child labour constitutes professional working of a child below 14 years of age. The constitution of India has prohibited child labour in hazardous industry, however, the children are employed in it with impunity. We can see child workers all around us in hotels, repair shops and small scale industries. Engagement of child labour is a heinous social offence because it spoils the valuable human resource. Child labour means that a child worker will have to live his whole life in menial jobs without any prospect of progress. Only a diseased society can retain this evil practice, which we apparently belong to. Children are born to live and bloom. The State should see to the fullest freest expression of their potentials. What is done to children today, they will pay back to the society in the same coin tomorrow. We too are accustomed to enjoy their services at homes. They are the automatic choice of the employers because they can be overworked but underpaid. Poverty, parental neglect and social callousness turn them into child workers. Sadly, a child worker works when it is the most suitable time for study and enjoy life. Let all children enjoy the glory and freedom of childhood.



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