Sunday, 3 March 2019

Short Essay on Early to bed and early to rise

Short Essay on Early to bed and early to rise

Introduction- Early to bed and early to rise is a good habit. Early to rise has many advantages. In early morning our mind is fresh and the environment is clean. There are less distractions and noise. So one concentrates on studies and does more work. A good amount of work can be completed before others even get out of the bed. One becomes a gainer, as he has much more time at his disposal.

Bliss of the morning- An early riser is also a healthy person. He has time to go for a walk or to exercise in fresh air. It enables a person to accumulate energy for the whole day. After a good night sleep, the mind is fresh. It is therefore good for the students to study in the morning hours, when he can absorb the maximum most of the bright students are early risers.

Curses to the late riser- As compared to early risers, late risers have a definite disadvantage. They lose their prime time in sleeping and do not have enough time during the day. This affects their studies, work and health. They are deprived of the beauty of sunrise and freshness of nature.

Conclusion- Like a sunflower or a lotus, the mind of man blooms with the dawn and wanes with the sunset. It we disregard this principle of nature we would be working against ourselves and restrict our growth.



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