Saturday, 30 March 2019

Paragraph on Life without faith

Paragraph on Life without faith

Man is guided by the thing that lies inside him. It is the faith that I the steering wheel of life which guides him through thick and thin to remain stuck to his ideology. Faith is an inner instinct in man. It means to keep trust in something or person, abstract or concrete, that begets him a boost by which he acts most of the time in his life. A person devoid of faith in life would become quite lifeless. Life becomes vibrant and lively only because of faith. Faith lays a firm foundation in human psyche and encourages him to do better in life. Sans in life would be meaningless, and he would be at odds with everything around him, faith if like fuel that makes this mortal physique active and lively, making it useful to the society and mankind in its broadest sense. However, a person should guard himself against false faith, because it can do more harm than good to the society and world.

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