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Paragraph on Unemployment in India

Paragraph on Unemployment in India

Unemployment is one of the serious most socio-economic problems which the world faces today. Unemployment can be defined as ‘the lack of work’ for the workforce which it is capable to do. Many factors contribute to unemployment. The rapid growth of population and faulty education system are mainly responsible for unemployment in our country. When a large share of population is idle, it results in many social evils. Criminal activities become widespread. People take to immoral ways. Steep increase in poverty and low standards of public healthy are also the ill-effects of this problems. In fact, unemployment aggravates social unrest and economic imbalance in the country. The problem of unemployment can be solved if effort is made in right earnest. Population control, vocationalisation of education, orientation of self-employment schemes and flourishing of agro-based industries are some of the useful measures that may ease the pressure. Students will have to be taught in self-employment and entrepreneurship. Our progress will be hindered if this large workforce is not utilized constructively.
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