Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Paragraph on Superstition in India

Paragraph on Superstition in India

Superstition amounts belief in some customs and conventions, rites and rituals that are false and irrational. It springs from and thrives on ignorance. Superstition is mostly a legacy of our ancient civilization. But it is strange that modern education and advancement of science have not been fully able to stamp out different types of superstitions. Some of them still dominate the lives of the backward classes and the tribal people. They continue to fall victim to witchcraft, exorcism and sorcery. But the practice of superstitions is not limited to only illiterate and ignorant persons, it is well practiced even by educated people. We can find numerous instances when educated people sit back on confronting the number 13 or turning away when a cat crosses their path. Many of them consult the almanac to initiate a work or postpone the journey. We can hardly find any explanation for such odd behaviour. However, it is a happy sign that the superstitions are on the wane. Good education and scientific approach can only eliminate these false beliefs.



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