Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Paragraph on Self-Employment

Paragraph on Self-Employment

Our educational system has a serious shortcoming, that is, it teaches only how to read and write, perhaps without understanding and without giving any practical knowledge to manage one’s life properly. It is the reason that students look for white-collar jobs on completion of their education. A country cannot progress in the absence of technical manpower. It should be the endeavour of students to gain such practical knowledge that would be helpful to them in getting employment. The youth should not be swayed by the convenience of white-collar jobs. They should rather opt for such practical courses that would help them get settled in life, else they would be compelled to go from pillar to post in search of jobs that would satisfy neither themselves nor the family, nor even the country. if every youth depends on the government for getting employment, I’m afraid, most of them would have to remain unemployed for the whole of their lives. Therefore, education should be so framed that can enable young people to settle themselves in self-employment. Therefore, vocational training should be emphasised so that a youth can opt for a suitable vocation according to his interest, aptitude and attitude. Self-employment would result in individual as well as national prosperity.



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