Thursday, 28 March 2019

Paragraph on Rationing in India

Paragraph on Rationing in India

The system of supplying essential articles to the poor at controlled prices through government fair price shops is roughly known as rationing. Generally food crops, edible oil and sugar are distributed among people holding ration cards. Under this mass distribution system, the people have been divided into two groups : APL (above poverty line) cardholders. The BPL cardholders are entitled to get the ration from the fair price shops at a fairly low price. The APL cardholders are given rations at a higher price. Rationing was a war-time idea. It was to protect the people from the menace of hoarding. It is a pity that the system of rationing is not running smoothly in our country. There are loopholes and leaks in the system leading to black market. We have often heard the reports of allegation and hostile demonstration of people against ration dealers. On the other hand, ration dealers state their own problems. All this shows that there are some flaws in the network of mass distribution. A proper coordination between the government, ration dealers and other concerned agencies is badly needed for the smooth running of the system for the benefit of the poor people.



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