Thursday, 28 March 2019

Paragraph on Patriotism of India in 180 words

Paragraph on Patriotism of India in English

Patriotism means love for one’s own country. Our country gives us recognition, so we have duty towards it. This is the reason that we call our country our motherland. Patriotism prompts a human being to act selflessly for the cause of his country. A patriot feels for and fights for the honour of his country. Personal happiness is transitory, but national life is perennial. Citizens smile when their country smiles. They shed tears when their country suffers. A patriot is ever ready to sacrifice everything of his for the good of his nation, even to the peril of his life. The history of India tells us the stories and heroic deeds of the brave souls who sacrificed everything for our sake. But it is a pity that their dreams are yet to be fulfilled in the spirit of patriotism today. Poverty and illiteracy, casteism and communalism are eating into our nation life. We must try to eradicate these evils. We have to rise above petty outlook. A true patriot demonstrates his love for the country in his deed and speech.



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