Wednesday, 27 March 2019

paragraph on overpopulation a threat to mankind

paragraph on overpopulation a threat to mankind

Population is the most important element of a country; however, when it starts to obstruct the very development of the country, it is called overpopulation. In fact, most of the other problems arise out of overpopulation. It hampers a country’s growth and development. Ours is an over-populated country resulting in many problems, such as lack of sanitation and nutrition, shortage of schools and houses, widespread poverty and unemployment, illiteracy and pollution are only a few of them. Most of us cannot live a meaningful and peaceful life only for want of control over population. It results in the scarcity of educational facilities, medical facilities, means of communication, housing and all other civic amenities. Overpopulation badly affects our agriculture and industry. Deforestation is another serious consequence of overpopulation. It also limits the generation of jobs. In short, we are denied the quality of life. Population control is the need of the four. Family planning, immunization programmes and women care programmes are to be emphasised with a holistic approach to combat this problem. We are already late, and cannot afford to overlook this problem anymore.



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