Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Paragraph on Erosion of Moral Values

Paragraph on Erosion of Moral Values

Moral values are a set of code of conduct that govern the life of a person in his individual, social and national capacity in proper terms. They constitute the essentials of a civilized society. Tolerance and truthfulness, self-restraint and humility are some of the important values of life. Every nation expects its people to be morally pure and perfect. In fact, a nation cannot progress unless its citizens are honest and virtuous. But now-a-days, values are decaying fast. Corruption has raised its ugly head everywhere. Nepotism, infidelity and indiscipline are eating into the vitals of our nation. Lack of political sanity, religious intolerance and all-pervading consumerism account for this moral degeneration. There is no doubt that material prosperity cannot go far in the absence of moral values. The earlier we awake to the need of moral values, the better.
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