Saturday, 30 March 2019

Paragraph on Energy Crisis in The World

Paragraph on Energy Crisis in The World

Our modern way of life can be sustained only when energy is available. Energy crisis is global problem now. Extensive consumption of non-renewable energy and rapid pace of industrialization jointly make this crisis still worse. We know that a constant supply of energy is a must in this age of automation. A lion’s share of energy comes from non-renewable sources, like coal, petroleum products etc. Since these sources are limited on the earth, the crisis is inevitable, as these sources are bound to dry up sooner or later. We are already feeling the pressure of scarcity of energy. It results in higher prices of energy which adversely affects our economy. So we should try to utilize the sources of alternative energy. Various kinds of energy like Solar energy, wind energy, biogas energy, geothermal energy and tidal energy can well met out increasing demand, but we have not tapped them well. We can hope to continue to use energy at still increasing levels only if we are able to tap the renewable sources of energy properly. We should direct all our energy towards this objective else the day may not be far when we will have to look blankly at our mechanical monstrous machines. 



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