Sunday, 31 March 2019

Paragraph on Duties and responsibilities of a student

Paragraph on Duties and responsibilities of a student

A student is a learner. The time of studentship in life is meant to earn learning. So a student should have an intense interest for the pursuit of knowledge. Knowledge gives him joy and power that mould his life and help cultivate the art of living in his heart. Student life is called the seedtime of life because the seeds in this time keep growing all times of come. Knowledge should be coupled with some qualities of head and heart. He has to form some good habits like cleanliness and discipline, punctually and perseverance, and above all a noble and merciful heart. Again, he should remember that he belongs to the society and he must utilize his resources for its betterment. In fact, he has a lot promises to keep. He must feel for the suffering masses. He must strive hard to mitigate their misery. Indeed, a good student of today is the leader of tomorrow. So he has to work to achieve this ideal from right now. He should study such that he becomes an asset, and not a liability, to the family and society.



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