Thursday, 28 March 2019

Paragraph on Capital Punishment

Paragraph on Capital Punishment

Capital punishment means death sentence. It has been in vogue since the inception of the judicial system in the ancient period. However, people have been conducting debates whether this should continue or discontinue, as views and opinions are expressed for both with forceful evidences. The reasons justifying death penalty for the horrendous crime include that it appeases our anger and deters others from committing such a crime. Many nations, Including India, have continued with death penalty. On the other hand, modern age mostly abhors death penalty. The people who argue to discontinue death penalty say that it goes against the basic human right. They consider it a barbarous medieval act. They advocate the view that the law must have a humanitarian look. Life for life must not be the aim of law. Law or anybody has no right to take what it cannot give. So capital punishment should be abolished. In our view, capital punishment should be retained, but it should be exercised in rarest of rare crimes, as is done in India at present, because when a body limb has rotten, it is better to sever it than to allow it to rot other parts of the body.



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