Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Essay on Wonders of Science for Children and Students

Essay on Wonders of Science for Children and Students

“Blessing on science! When earth seemed old,
When faith grew doting, and reason cold,
It was she, who showed that the world was young,
And taught a language to its lisping tongue.”

Life in the modern world is governed and conditioned by the off of science. The wonders of science have become an essential part existence. We live, move and have our being in an age of science. When we cast our eager eyes we are overwhelmed by the glorious achievements of science. In fact, the wonders of science are so infinitely numerous it is not possible to enumerate them. Agriculture, industry, transport, communication, locomotion, domestic life, entertainment, medicine, surgery, education- they have gone through a metamorphosis owing to the inventions and discoveries of science. Indeed, science has revolutionized human and civilization so much that it is impossible to imagine our existence without them.

Science has revolutionized agriculture. Agriculture, in Britain, America and Russia and other scientifically advanced countries as also in developing countries is no longer at the whims and mercy of Nature, Animal-ploughs and devices have yielded place to tractors and other scientific, electricity or diesel-operated devices. Natural cow dung manure has superseded by chemical manures and fertilizers. Vast tracts of barren land are made fertile and brought under cultivation with the help of these fertilizers. Every process of agriculture is now done by means of machines. Moreover, science has built huge dams and irrigation projects which help converting vast deserts into smiling lands of plenty. Science measures and examines our food requirements. Scientists are engaged in Agricultural Universities and Research Laboratories to evolve new edible products and latest varieties of cereals to solve the food problem of the world.

For a prolific supply of own daily necessities-food, clothes and shelter, we owe a deep gratitude to science. Science runs big industries which produce the materials like iron-girders, cement, brick and other material used in constructing houses and factories. Huge dams and hydraulic generating stations have been set up generating millions of Kilowatt energy every day. Our houses are furnished with streamlined and up to date furniture. Our factories are equipped with latest machinery and Science has done great service to man in clothing the naked by inventing fabrics like Viols, Muslims, Poplins, Crepes, Silk Fabrics Nylon, Rayon, Dacron, Teledyne, Strachan. Various other inventions such as printing machines, laundry machines, calculating and adding machines computers, boilers and other sophisticated machinery have changed the very face of commerce and industry.

Science has made immense contribution to human health. Science has invented innumerable medicines to keep man healthy. The X-ray equipment, the radium therapy', the Gama-rays, the penicillin, the anesthetics, the antibiotics, the surgical instruments, all these products of science have enhanced longevity. Test tube babies have begun to be born. It has brought into use several fool-proof measures of family-planning in order to curb the growth of population. Infantile and female mortality at child-birth has been eliminated.

Science has reduced distances. One could easily have breakfast in New Delhi, lunch at London and dinner in New York. In our ordinary business of life we go to our office or business-centers in a car, taxi, motor-rickshaw, scooter or a transport bus. Long-distance journey are undertaken in a short time by trains, ships and aero planes. Quick scientific means of communication and transport play a vital role in our daily life. Messages are flashed over the telegraph or wireless or telex in the twinkling of an eye. Telephone, the walkie-talkie and the televised-phone have enabled people to talk to friends and relatives hundreds and thousands of kilometers away and now also have a televised vision and record of them.

Science has turned out to be the best friend of the modern house wife. It has relieved much of her household drudgery. Right since the morning call of the alarm clock to her cozy sweet sleep, her life is conditioned the various scientific machines and gadgets. She cooks her food on electric or gas ovens, and keeps it fresh and delicious in the refrigerator. She told water from the cooling-machine and hot water from the geyser or the emulsion -rod. Various other scientific appliances such as laundry machine, mixy, grinder, electric and steam press, air-conditioners, coolers, heaters, the flush-latrine, shower-bath, electric fans, exhaust fans etc. have made our domestic life a veritable heaven.

Science has blessed man with exciting means of entertainment and recreation. Radio, television, cinema, record-player, tap-recorder, video-set, musical instruments and various games and sports implements-these are contributed by science to relieve man of the tedium and fatigue of the day's drudging toil. Sitting in our furnished and air-conditioned Drawing-rooms, get all the joys and thrills of the world of sports, music, play or films. We can record our choicest programs in the VCR and listen or view them over and over again. These are things which our ancestors would not even have dreamt of.

Science has contributed immensely to the dissemination of knowledge and education. With the invention of the printing press there set in a Renaissance of learning. Today, the latest techniques in off-set printing have helped in bringing out books, magazines and journals and in perpetuating learning and knowledge to posterity. Newspapers supply us the new s of all the four corners of the world and keep us informed about the events of the world. It has helped man conquer superstitions and to develop a rational outlook in life.

From this we conclude that science has invented innumerable machines and devices which have made our life comfortable and convenient. It has rendered invaluable service to man by creating in him confidence. It has shortened distances and approximated men living across the frontier. Because of the conveniences and amenities it provides for daily life, science has become indispensable to man in all walks of life.



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