Monday, 18 March 2019

Essay on Witnessing a street Quarrel

Essay on Witnessing a street Quarrel

Introduction- Man and quarrelling are inseparable. We find men and women quarreling everywhere at home, in offices, in society, in government, and so much so that quarrels sometimes even come out on the streets.

Occasion to witness the quarrel- Once I had the occasion of witnessing a quarrel on a street; I had just come out of my house, and as I turned towards the market there I saw a huge crowd in the middle of the road that led to the market. Wondering what could have happened, I also just joined the bandwagon of excited people and forgetting my work. I stood with the rest of the crowd.

Curious to know the reason- stood there for quite some ten minutes but just could not understand what had actually happened. After frittering away some time, I finally asked the people there as to what had happened. The story that followed my query was absolutely shocking and I was all out of my wits fearing all that trash. I just wondered at the pettiness of the human mind that could make such a loud rumpus about a thing that I considered nothing worthy of even talking about.

Story behind the quarrel-The story that emerged was that, one neighbor had hit with a stick the dog of another neighbor. It had so happened that, one Mr. Srivastava dog was playing with a ball on the lane that lay between the rows of flats. Just as the dog was busy hitting the ball while holding it in its paws, Mr. Bedi's son brought his car and drove just brushing close to the little puppy of Mr. Srivastava, even though the pet had not been injured as car drove close to the puppy but that was enough for the two neighbors to come out to the street to settle scores. The quarrel started with the pet puppy that was not even hurt, but continued to bring in its trail, members of both families. Men first started abusing members of each other's family and as public in general enjoys it all, as time passed by, people started coming out of their houses, of their flats and shops, and one after another, thus adding unnecessarily publicity to the commotion caused for nothing. After the men forming a line of battle, women followed suit and several came out to see what was happening and to add to the crowd and noise.

Shocking sight-When I reached the spot the scene that was in front of me just shocked me all out of my wits. I came to know the occasion for the brawl and, behold when I just reached there the two main contestants the two neighbors who had just started with an argument had now come to blows and a volley of abuses started the crowd was also very neatly divided between the two sides, one faction siding each of the fighters. There were abuses, blows and shouting and screeching all the while coming from both the sides one being louder than the other. Emotions ran high and as I stood there, people started tearing at each other's hair, and I just could not believe how, such a small incident could enrage people to such an extent that, they lost all sense of proportion and showed off their ill behavior on the road. To me this depicted man's capacity of making mountains out of molehills. A small altercation which could have, and actually should have ended with an argument may be for a few minutes without any one even knowing about it all became a loud and ugly rumpus though a magnum problem had arisen.

Conclusion-This little street quarrel made me wiser than before and. I started understanding the low depths that human behavior and human relationship have gone to. It was an eye opener and I, for one, promised myself never to behave so vulgarly, like a street urchin.



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