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Essay on the “Nuclear Power of India”

Essay on the “Nuclear Power of India”

India successfully conducted three nuclear test on May 11, 1998 and two more on my 13, 1998 and became the 6th nuclear power the others being USA, Russia, China, Britain and France. These blasts popularly termed as Pokhran 2 had the code name operation Sakthi. It was India’s second installment of blasts after the nuclear explosion at Pokhran in May 1974. These blasts comprised of both fission reaction and thermonuclear reaction. It also shows our capability to produce hydrogen bomb. Operation Shakti took place under such secrecy that even American satellite could not detect it. 

It was proud moment for our country. Our renowned scientist doctor APJ Abdul Kalam proved that India can develop nuclear Arsenal without the assistance of any other country. Pakistan also conducted five nuclear tests later on but these tests were conducted with the help of foreign assistance. Probably China and South Korea helped Pakistan in conducting these Copycat tests. 

 The world was greatly astonished and there was a great Hue and cry throughout the world over the nuclear test by India and Pakistan. America was the first Nation to impose economic sanctions and other Western countries follow the suit. Australia, Germany and Sweden also imposed economic sanctions. The result was that the growth of our infrastructural development project was adversely affected. According to an estimate India has to suffer a loss of approximately 21 billion dollars, however with the help of resurgent India bonds purchased by NRIs. Our country has been able to fetch 4.16 million US dollar. But the interest on these bonds would have to be paid on them. Therefore we have to generate additional revenue sources for our survival. The economic sanctions would cost Pakistan as its economy is mainly dependent on the foreign aid. Our government is of the view that USA will be affected because of its market interest, however recently USA and Japan have announced their intention to lift some economic sanctions. USA has even lifted some economic sanctions. Such an attitude of these superpower Nations would definitely help our country to overcome financial crisis. 

There are various reasons which forced India to conduct this nuclear test. Unfortunately our relations with Pakistan and China which are our two close neighbors are not very cordial. Pakistan has been hostile to India right from the day of its creation. There had been 3 wars with Pakistan in the year 1948, 1965 and 1971. Pakistan is still continuous to illegally occupy a part of Kashmir in 1948. India gave a befitting reply to Pakistan in all these words but Pakistan has not given up its hostility towards India. She has acquired several sophisticated weapons and nuclear carrier aircraft from USA, China and other Islamic countries. Missiles like Ghauri and Haft which is capable of hitting any city in India has been developed by her. There were reports from different corners that Pakistan is secretly working on the manufacturers of atom bomb. India’s claim on Kashmir has been rejected by Pakistan and she is making every endeavor to make Kashmir an international issue. China had also attacked India in 1962 and has still not surrendered a considerable portion of our territory. Pakistan and China have to be informed that India is not a weak country and for this there was a need that our country be treated as a nuclear power and the nuclear blast the necessity of the day. The nuclear blast in May 1998 surely provide a tool for preventing atomic war and now Pakistan and China moves would not be tempted to make any silly moves across our borders. The recent nuclear test popularly termed as to what the cry of the day as the world would not have given us the respect and status in the absence of these blasts. Lastly USA and other developed countries were constantly pressing India to sign the CTBT. The nuclear test would not be possible after India signs the CTBT. Our government therefore decides to go for nuclear blast and then make an attempt to sign the CTBT on the dotted line. 

The five members of nuclear club USA, Russia, France, Great Britain and China do not want that any more country should enter in the nucleus club. This has attempted them not to recognize India a nuclear power. America, France, Japan and other countries are constantly pressing India to sign the CTBT without preconditions but India has not signed it till date. We are pressing to keep minimum nuclear deterrence in the light of our defense needs. It is hoped that our diplomatic dialogues with superpowers and other developed countries will make them understand our view. 

The nuclear age has already begun in our country. Our able scientist have successfully test fired the missiles like Agni, Prithvi, Akash and Nag. India has always supported complete nuclear disarmament. We want that there is peace on our borders. Our nuclear capability was the necessity as our neighbors would not dare to create mischief. 

Nuclear power generation is the cry of the day. India is rich in uranium and Thorium and so there is great scope to enhance our nuclear capabilities. All efforts should be made to enhance our nuclear capability. However the defense needs should be coupled nuclear power generation and research in nuclear physics radiology and medicine.

We are sure that our scientist would work on these lines in the years to come and Sooner or Later our country will be recognized as a nuclear power.



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