Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Essay on The Need of Technical Education in India

Essay on The Need of Technical Education in India

Introduction - Education which provides special practical knowledge and skills, is known as technical education. This is different from ordinary traditional education. It makes the students skilled in agriculture, computer, engineering, medical, driving etc. Those who have special technical skills and knowledge are called technicians. Carpenters, drivers, mechanics, engineers, doctors, pilots etc. are technicians.

Need: India, Our country is rich in terms of natural resources. But still people of our country are poor. We do know how to use natural resources properly. We do not have such young people who can use these resources properly. Only technical and business education gives us expert engineers and technicians. Wee need large number of technicians in our country.

Untrained people can not do their work efficiently. An untrained teacher can not teach as good as the trained teacher can. This situation applies to all. We need qualified and trained people in all businesses. This can only be possible if we give them professional and technical training.

Reduces unemployment: Technical education is very important to solve the problem of unemployment. Skilled people can not be unemployed If they start their own business, then they can provide job opportunities to other educated people. Thus, technical education helps us to reduce the seriousness of the problem of unemployment. Many educated people are unemployed because they do not possess technical knowledge and skills. If they are trained in technical skills and knowledge, then we can develop our country rapidly.

Role in the development of the country: Technical education plays an important role in the development of a country. Technicians are required in every field of construction. Technicians are required to build factories, roads, bridges, canals, buildings, airports etc. If a country has adequate technical knowledge, then the speed of development will undoubtedly be faster. To produce electricity, to work in mines, to grow enough crops and vegetables and so on we need different types of technicians.

Strengthens the economy: Technical education undoubtedly promotes the economic growth of the nation. If there is more production of goods in a country, then it can easily feed its people. Foreign currency can be earned by selling additional produce to other countries. If a country does not have enough technicians, then it has to hire technology from other countries. They have to pay more money to the respective countries. Thus, money goes out of the country. As a result, the country can not develop. It can also be said that the development of the nation depends on the technicians.

Large factories are required for the development of the economy. No industry can be successful in the absence of technically trained people. In the absence of qualified and trained specialists, any country is incomplete. We must give technical education to the youth for industrialization in the country.

Conclusion : It is a good sign that the government is serious about this problem. Thousands of technical education institutes have been opened since independence. The economic progress of any nation depends on the hands of skilled people. For the upliftment of the nation's prosperity, every country should give high priority to technical education.



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