Tuesday, 5 March 2019

745 words Essay on Man and machine

745 words Essay on Man and machine

There is no aspect of human life which has remained unaffected by science and technology. Man has come a long way from those early days civilization when he was at the mercy of natural forces. Today, one can hay mast of his needs met merely by pressing a button.  Machine, a product of science, has made a tremendous impact on the life of man.

In fact, invention of wheel was the turning point in human life. It has contributed a lot as compared to other inventions; it has enabled the man to invent various means of transport, each faster than the other. There was a time thousands of years ago when man had to walk to go anywhere. Today various means of transport such bicycle, motorcycle, scooter, bus, train ship or aero plane are at man's disposal according to his choice. The super speed transport today defies time. One can breakfast at Delhi, lunch at Rome and dinner Newyork on the same day.

Now, one can communicate with his near and dear at a long distance telephone. It is also possible to send message, news reports and business documents in seconds to the remote corner of the world.

Man used his faculties to invent various types of machines to take the drudgery out of his life. Today, man's life has become quite comfortable due to invention of various types of machines. In the modern it is difficult to imagine life without machines.

Technological advancement has brought about machines which have considerably reduced the burden of physical labor. The workers in the factories are much more comfortable than their counterparts in the years gone by. The machines have made agriculture less strenuous. Now there a tractors for plouphing and machines for sowing, cutting and threshing.

Machines have made our life more interesting and exciting. Mechanical devices like radio, tape-recorder, television etc., are there to amuse entertain the man. Besides there are X-ray machine, CAT Scan and other scientific machines and apparatuses to treat deadly diseases which were considered incurable in the past.

Machines have made the life of housewives quite comfortable and easy. Now there are household gadgets like mixer, grinder, vacuum cleaner washing machine etc., which help a housewife to get her routine work done in no time. Thus, now the housewives have enough time at their disposal to pursue their other interests.

It cannot be denied that machines help the mankind in almost every sphere of life. But it is only one side of the picture. Machines were invented to serve the mankind but now we have become slave to them. We are fully dependent on machines and feel quite helpless if they become out of order due to some mechanical fault. Too much dependence on machines has adversely affected the man's health. Now he is more prone to diseases. Our human body is like a machine and requires physical exercise to keep muscles and joints sound and healthy. Unfortunately the man has forgotten the physical labor. Thus, the machines which were invented to improve his life are becoming a threat to his well-being and proving harmful.

Machines are responsible for the degradation of environment. The smoke and poisonous gases emitted by vehicles and factories have polluted environment, thereby posing a great threat to man's health.

Machines, the product of science, have brought in its wake large-scale unemployment. Now there is no need for so many hands to do a job. Only, one man is sufficient to handle the machine. In the hand-work age, people led a leisurely life. The modern life due to the impact of science and technology is very fast. We have no love for the moon-light or the gentle breezes. Moreover, hand craftsmen have lost their means of living. The cruel machine has thrown out the craftsman who found satisfaction and livelihood by providing beautiful handicrafts. Humanity is groaning under the wheels of capitalism and misery.

Thus, we see that on the one hand machines serve the mankind but on the other they are destroying the environment and posing a serious threat to the health of human-beings. Hence, the machines should be used judiciously. After all, the man has invented the machines not to make his life miserable, but to make it better and more comfortable. Only thing required is that the man has to control the ill effects of machines for his survival and growth and do not allow them to destroy his environment and health.



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