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Essay on Electricity in the Service of Man

Essay on Electricity in the Service of Man

Electricity in the Service of Man
“Electricity surpasses the old miracles of mythology”
Modern age is an age of science. Many discoveries and inventions have been made to make life comfortable and worth living. Electricity is one of them. It plays an important part in our daily life. It has brought great happiness and prosperity to human beings. Electricity is really a boon to humanity.

Electricity has given us wireless telegraphy. Telephone works with electricity. It helps us in sending or receiving messages all over the world in no time. Telephone enables us to talk to people poles apart. Today electricity is used for running trains, trams and buses. It has shortened time and space. The quick means of transport and communication have enabled different nations of the world to come in close contact with one another.

Radio, television and cinema are the wonderful gifts of electricity. Through radio we can hear songs, stories, dialogues, speeches and the world news. T.V. enables us not only to hear but also to see the face of the singer or the speaker. Cinema has become the cheapest means of recreation. Photography also takes the help of electricity.

In domestic life, electricity is a boon. It does many of our small jobs like an obedient servant. It keeps our houses lighted at all times. It cooks our food, boils our milk and water, washes and irons clothes, cools or heats our rooms and performs many other jobs. Electric fans give us cool air.

In medical field, electricity plays an important role. It is due to electricity that new discoveries and inventions have been made in this field. It curses many diseases. It has been found useful in the treatment of cancer. X-ray is a boon of electricity. It helps in tracing out internal diseases and fracture of bones.

Electricity has proved itself of great use in our industrial development. It turns huge and heavy machines in mills and factories. Big canals and wells can be dug with the help of electricity. We can use the tubewells for irrigation. Electric tools can make bridges and change the courses of rivers.

Electric power has helped a lot in spreading knowledge. It is because of electric power that numberless copies of newspapers, magazines and books are published daily. In this way electric power has provided light not to our homes but to our heads as well.

Thus we see that electricity controls all our activities. There is no field of life which does not bear the stamp of electricity. It is in fact the brightest feather in the cap of science Everyday, it is being put to new uses and it has given good results. Modern civilizations is incomplete without it. 



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