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Essay on The Educational Value of Travelling

Essay on The Educational Value of Travelling

Introduction- In book we read only of ideas, thoughts and experiences of other men. The knowledge thus acquired is theoretical. In day-to-day life, we cannot be successful with mere theoretical knowledge. We must also know about the habits, manners and ways of living of other persons. We can learn about others by coming in contact with them. Travelling takes us from the field of bookish knowledge to the field of practical knowledge. traveling makes us a more empathetic and interesting person. It forces us outside your comfort zone, which teaches us certain things about ourselves that are actually more beneficial than any lesson available at business school or in textbook.
A Chance to Try New Things : While you may branch out at home from time to time by trying new restaurants or splurging on expenditures, traveling pushes you out of the comfort zone and forces you -- for better or worse -- to try new things! Even if you don't enjoy your first attempt at scuba diving, at least you'll be able to relate in a new way the next time you see it in a movie or hear someone talking about it. Becoming a well-rounded individual enhances self-confidence and will help you find new material for conversation in social settings with a wider variety of people.
Meet New People : A journey is best measured in friends, not in miles said Tim Cahill. You'll meet far more friendly people on the road than you will under ordinary circumstances at home. Other travelers are always looking to share experiences, give tips on places to go, and meet people from all over. Striking up a conversation with other travelers is extraordinarily easy.
Teaches To Be More Patient : Travel can involve a lot of waiting. You'll wait in lines, for flights or at restaurants. Learning how to cope with those waits, how to make conversation with those you're waiting with and how to stay calm in frustratingly slow situations will teach you how to remain patient and calm in all situations.
Language Education : Travel often enhances language skills, since in travel they become a matter of necessity. Interpreting gestures will lead you to learn new words, as well as local colloquialisms. You can either practice your existing skills as you move about a country, or stay in one place for a time to enroll in a language-immersion program.



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