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Essay on Books are Our Best Companion 700 Words

Essay on Books are Our Best Companion 700 Words

Introduction- Man is a social animal. He cannot live alone. He needs company. But the company of man does not satisfy him. In the modern age man has grown selfish and he tries to serve his own interests. First, friendship breaks when there is the question of self-interest. Thus friendship between man and man does not last long. Then a man moves out in search of a sincere friend. He wants a friend who may share his joys and sorrows.

Books are real friends- Books are our best companion in a life. They demand nothing from us. They take us into a different world of imagination. They give us plenty of joy. We also learn a lot from books. Good books improve our standard of living. They tone up our intellectual taste they make our outlook broad. They console us when we are depressed. They encourage us when we are defeated. They inspire us to work hard with hope and courage. They remove our ignorance and add to our knowledge. Books enrich our experience and sharpen our intellect. Thus a good book is our true friend.

Avoid bad books- A man must avoid reading bad books. They may make our life miserable. We may have to suffer because of bad books. They develop in us bad habits. They mislead and misguide. Bad books ruin our intellect. They spoil our interest in reading good and serious books. We must avoid reading such bad and cheap books because they waste our time and energy.

Healthy habit of reading books- We should develop a healthy habit of reading books. We must select the books carefully. We should read only good books. Reading good books has many advantages. Bad books spoil our character. They develop unhealthy habits in us. We should follow children and young men to read only good books. They should act upon the lessons they learn from such books. A good book is our 'friend, philosopher and guide'.

Man seeks pleasure- Everybody wants pleasure in life. Man wants wealth and power for the sake of pleasure. He wants to have good health so that he may enjoy life more and more. In the modern age man seeks pleasure everywhere. All the discoveries and inventions of science are made for human happiness. Even saints and sanyasis live a life of suffering in this world for divine pleasure in the other world.

We can get pleasure from various things. Sports, games and films are some of them. But the reading of books gives us the real pleasure of life. When we read good book, we forget ourselves. We do not remember the care and anxieties of the world. We are sent into a land of beauty, imagination and happiness. So, books are the source of the greatest pleasure in life.

Joy to our life- We all know that books give joy to our life. But they act as guides too. They give us advice and teach us some valuable lessons. They make our outlook broads. They make our outlook broad. They are best friends. They are sources of information and knowledge. When we are in sorrow, books inspire us, console us and encourage us.

Respect to well-read man- A well-read man is loved by all. He is a store house of information. He knows something of everything. A well-read man can be very good talker. He can entertain us with his good talks. He shows his worth at a social function. He can talk about many things. So, we do not feel dullness and boredom in the company of such persons. This is another advantage of reading books.

Kinds of books- Books are of different kinds. Some books deal with topics of general nature. Everybody likes to read those books. There are also some books on certain topics. Such books are written for a particular set of readers. A general reader likes to read books of general nature. They give us knowledge and pleasure.

Conclusion- We should be very careful while we select books. Good books develop many qualities in us. A man of wide reading is a man of culture. Books, magazines and journals do not bore us. They make our life happy. But cheap and bad books spoil our taste. Only a sincere reader of good books knows what divine pleasure he gets from reading books.



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