Sunday, 17 March 2019

Essay Horrors of War or War is an Unmixed Evil

Essay Horrors of War or War is an Unmixed Evil

Horrors of War
Science has placed unlimited power in the hands of men. Inventions are made for the welfare of human beings, but they are mostly mostly misused. The result is that science has become our greatest enemy. Instead of increasing our happiness, it has brought about death, misery and destruction in the world in the shape of war. 

Modern war causes unimaginable destruction of life and property. The war in the air is still more horrible. Heavy bombardment destroys beautiful buildings dams, cinema, houses, museums, hospitals, railway stations, factories etc. Famine is the menace of war. 

For commerce and industry war is fatal. It kills normal trade and commerce.  During war time, mills and factories produce goods mostly for the army. It has an evil effect on the trade commerce of the countries. War is also very harmful for the progress of art, culture and literature. Things become too dear.

The modern will has a degrading effect on public morals. During the war there is hatred and falsehood everywhere. The feelings of love and sympathy are driven out from the hearts of the people and they kill each other not knowing why. 

In modern wars, all the discoveries and inventions of modern science are used for the destruction of humanity and not for its comfort and happiness. The Aeroplanes are used for dropping bombs. The best machines are used for the production of arms and ammunition. Science has produced horrible weapons like Atom bombs, Hydrogen bombs, tanks, poisonous gases, bomber Aeroplanes, rockets, battle-ships etc. The world had seen the horrors of the recent Gulf war. 

Scientific inventions have increased the horrors of War. War is now fought in laboratories instead of battlefields. Science has changed the weapons of war. We can imagine and shiver at the horrors of a future atomic war.



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