Monday, 11 February 2019

Letter from Daughter to Father

Letter from Daughter to Father

My dear father,
      I am quite alright here and hope that you all would be in the same condition.
   You will be glad to know that our school will be closing for summer vacation by the end of this month. I shall be coming with my other friends in our school bus next day after the closing of the school.
    This time our teachers have given us too much homework to do. But I hope I shall be able to complete it as usual and yet enjoy plenty of time.
    To which hill stations and shall we be going this time Daddy? My friends say that Shimla is a beautiful place. We have seen it. Why not  go to Shimla this time?
    How is Sunita and Kavita? I remember them very much. Kiss them on my behalf. Please say “Namaste” to  mummy.
    I am now eagerly waiting for the school to be closed for the summer vocation.
 Yours loving daughter



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