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Essay on A Visit to a fair- Mahakumbh

Essay on A Visit to a fair- Mahakumbh

A Visit to a fair- Mahakumbh
Introduction- Every religion has its own customs to pursue. Each religion has numerous disciples who in order to acknowledge the path of devotion and salvation, they have to leave their passions behind them and divulge in the strict rules via meditation, concentration and asceticism, to learn about the secret of life, the values of a human beings. And when a human learns the secret of life and lives accordingly, he becomes divine; the warmth of whose radiance makes the angry calm, which soothes down every part of the body from the mind to the soul. And among those paths one is taking dip in the holy water of the “Triveni” at the Mahakumbh.

A passionate celebration-The Mahakumbhs, a joyous and passionate celebration, is a large 'mela' organized once every twelve years on the bank of the 'Triveni', i.e. in kumbh nagar in Allahabad where the three rivers Ganga, Yamuna and the mythical underground Saraswati merge with each other, to form a unique 'sangam' of the three holy water bodies to host the largest congregation of human beings in the world.

Scene at Triveni- While millions and millions of restless souls converge every dozen years at the sangam to take a dip in the holy confluence of the three rivers, so that they can attain 'moksha' or freedom from the earthly relations and possession and hence can die in peace, the mahakumbh is one of those rare occasions when one gets to see the vivid colors of life, feel what life is really about, feel the passion of life and can learn to live life the way it is.

The vivid colors of this fiesta can be seen from the 'Triveni' itself. The Ganga, which is transparent, the Yamuna is sort of purple and the Saraswati which is supposed to be dusky yellow, converge at this point to assume a color which is a strange sort of violet. Even though the kumbh is always in the danger of militant attacks and mishaps such as drowning, stampedes etc. the local authorities are tested on these occasions and have to be constantly on the alert. Despite the chances of catastrophe many people brave these dangers; because the dip in the holy waters is not just a bath, it is something more. The dip in the Triveni is oddly satisfying and comforting, even though the water is freezing cold. It makes one feel strangely free from earthly possessions, the sensation is that of being born again after the dip as if one has taken a dip in the fountain of oblivion.

Conclusion- The Mahakumbh is really a festival connected to the Hindu religions. But this does not stop followers of other religions from taking pleasure of this great holy festivity. Even though several religious parties do not recommend it, several Muslims, Sikhs and Christians break this religious barrier and take a dip in the holy water. Hence, Mahakumbh is also a symbol of social equality and benefits the unity and integrity of the nation, that we live alike and no matter what we are going to live as one, because No religion teaches animosity among Followers of Religions—we are all Indians and India is our country.



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