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Essay on Science in Everyday Life for Class 6, 7, 8, 9

Essay on Science in Everyday Life for Class 6, 7, 8, 9

Essay on Science in Everyday Life
Introduction- Science is a great blessing. It has changed our life. Science is a faithful servant of man. It serves as in all walks of life. It is our servant at home and away from home. It serves us at every step in life. Science has relieved our sufferings. It has removed our ignorance. It has also lightened our labor. Science is very important to us in everyday life.
Change in our life- Science has changed our daily life. Science has made many things cheap. It has brought them within reach of everybody. We can produce goods on a large scale because of science; these things are sold at cheap rates in everyday market. Books, music and all other things of entertainment are easily made available today. We have radios and televisions. So these things are needed in the daily life of a common man.
Boon for housewives- Science has made the life of a housewife pleasant. Now she is not always busy in the kitchen. She has a gas oven. She can cook easily and without smoke and dirt. There is fridge to store eatables. Electricity serves the housewife to wash and press clothes. It gives us light and moves our fans. We have coolers, electric irons and other gifts of science.
Travelling made easy- We have often to go from one place to another. Travelling was a problem in the past. But science has made travelling a pleasure. It has solved the problem of time and space. Trains can move through deserts and jungles. More cars, buses and scooters and motor cycles have made travelling easy. Besides, aero planes can fly across hundreds of kilometers in an hour.
Cut down on labor- Science has given us a lot of things to save our day-to-day labor. A tractor ploughs our lands and carries things. Science has made farming more effective. Our life has become happy because of medical science, we have medicines for diseases. So science has increased our life span. We have printing presses for cheap books, journals and newspapers. Thus science has changed our everyday life.
Made lives luxurious- Man today enjoys more luxuries than ever before. He has a much higher standard of living than his forefathers. It is all due to the increased production of goods made possible by science. Deserts have been converted into granaries. We can today grow two blades of grass where formerly only one used to grow. It is all due to the scientific methods of cultivation. Better irrigation facilities, improved seeds, chemical fertilizers, have increased agricultural production manifold similarly in the field of industry. Large industry scale production has become possible by the use of machines invented by science. After hard work, man needs healthy recreation to relax him. Science has provided us with the television etc. These modern means not only entertain the people. But besides this the great enemy of man completely defeated. Books, magazines and newspapers are being published on a mass scale. Every man is now in a position to receive education, owing to the invention of the electric printing press, computer is a scientific device has proved its importance in every branch of knowledge. It is a greatly becoming substitute of man on all fronts office or industry, study or research, home or field entertainment or war; everywhere the systems are being computerized. One cannot say what extent the computers will go.
Myriad blessings- So the blessings of science are numerous. But this is only one side of the picture. Man has misused the scientific knowledge in various ways. He has used it for inventing large machines. These machines are now used to increase production. Countries after countries are being industrialized. But industrialization has given rise to competition, unemployment pollution and capitalism. Machines, being labor saving devices, have thrown thousands out of employment. Capitalism has created class struggle. Big capitalists exploit the laborer. This is a curse for the whole society. Misuse of science is responsible for this.
Science has made man forget God and religion. He believes only in those things which he can explain and understand by his reason. Thus he has become a moral pygmy.
Conclusion- If we look at the problem impartially. We shall find that it is not easy to label science as blessing or curse. In itself, science is neither curse nor a blessing. If it is used for peaceful purposes and for promoting the welfare of mankind, it is great blessing. If it is used otherwise, then it is curse. So it is its use which makes it blessing or course.



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