Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Essay on Planning A Picnic for Class 6, 7, 8, 9

Essay on Planning A Picnic for Class 6, 7, 8, 9

Essay on Planning A Picnic
Introduction : A Picnic does not mean a party of music only. It also means something in the shape of a feast. It is arranged in the popular air. A picnic gives us a chance to go away from the regular task of life. We forget this busy life at least for some time. Picnics are of different kinds. A man may go for picnic with members of his own family. A picnic with friends is very popular in India.

Planning for picnic : A picnic requires a planning. The date and time are fixed. A suitable and place is selected. Preparations for the picnic are made. Things are collected and arranged. Some eatable things are set ready. Necessary utensils for picnic are arranged. A picnic party without magic and songs is no picnic party at all.

Amusement in the picnic : The picnic itself is the next stage. Laughing, singing and dancing and eating are the important parts of picnic. The members of picnic party cook food and eat it. This is how a person enjoys a picnic. Very recently we arranged a picnic. Our college was closed for Dussehra holidays. Six boys and four girls decided to go for a picnic. Each of us deposited Rs. 15/- for the picnic.

Time for breakfast : It was the time for breakfast. So, we had tea and biscuits. After that we had some time to enjoy ourselves. Then again we began to cook our mid day meal. Everyone was busy. We were hungry too. The food was ready. We ate more and more. We had some musical instruments with us. Some of us sang and dance. Thus we spent time in laughing and making merry. We returned in the evening our picnic was really, very enjoyable.

More enjoyment : We decided to enjoy our picnic or pleasure trip on moonlit night. It was during the Dusshera vacations when the nights were moonlit, that we started for Rajghat by the afternoon train. We took with us a tape recorder, a pack of playing cards, a stove and some utensils for preparing tea and some biscuits etc. for refreshment. A friend also took his flute with him. We reached Rajghat at about five thirty P.M. The river Ganga flows at a distance of one mile from the station. We walked straight to the bank of the holy river. There we met many sailors. At last, after much haggling a boat was hired, we enjoyed boat trip for one hour.

Conclusion : Now we enjoyed the water of river flowing on the left side of the gardens in its naked glamour just ignored by all who were lost in the pomp and glamour of city like. The rough nature beauty was more enchanting to me than the colorful gay fountains that leaped all round and below the central artificial fall. But the muddy water on the left flew on rugged base unpolluted by human eyes rushing to the sacs.



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