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Essay on The place of women in free India

Essay on The place of women in free India

Introduction- She is regarded as a decree of lacs of rupees on the parents. Further as a wife she has always to obey her husband, "Theirs not to reason, theirs but to do and die” was the motto for them within four walls, the noble professions of the outside world are considered too considered to be of no concern to them, their husbands, they may be good or bad, are their lords and gods.

Fast changing condition- In the past women was treated as they were slave. As they belong to the weaker sex. Men used to keep them under their thumb. They were denied freedom.

Though the conditions in the century is fast changing Women's condition are still not good. No one feel happy in the home at the birth of a female child. Even an only daughter is supposed to be curse of the family.

Those changes are good and beneficial which came gradually. Our country is changing politically, economically and socially, at a swift speed. The condition of women is also gradually changing. They have begun to take due place in free India.

Men and women are just like the two wheels of a chariot. They are equal in importance and they should work together in life. The one is not superior or inferior to other. Women were treated well in ancient India. But with the orthodoxy they were cut off from the main stream of social life. Society did not respect them and give them their due position. They had to suffer and work inside the houses. Thus they completely depended on men.

Woman gave shoulder- Times changed. Women came forward. They took part in the freedom movement of the country. They fought hand in hand with men for India's independence. Sarojini Naidu, Kasturba Gandhi, Lakshmi Bai and other raised their voices. Women of all sections of society revolted against the pardha system. They did not like to live within. They did not like to live within the walls of their houses. They came out and showed to the world that women in India could do as much as men.

Retrieved honor and dignity- Soon after independence Indian women got back their honor and dignity. The India constitution grants full equality to women. They started taking part in the politics as a full time job. A large number of Indian women are social workers. Many of them are working as doctors, scientists, engineers, police officers and magistrates, a huge number of women are in the teaching profession today. More and more women are getting jobs in offices. Now women compete with men in all India services. They are doing much better than men. They capture most of the merit position in university and competitive examination. Even our Prime Minister was a women and she had been in office for a long time.

Still have problems- But women have still to face several problems in our society. The dowry system makes a woman's life miserable. The problem of child marriage is now almost solved. Divorce is now made easy, so that a woman should not suffer at the hands of men; Marriages of widows one now more popular and more acceptable in our society than ever before today. Women are given respect in society. They get facilities for education and jobs.

Equal voting right- It is for the first time in the history of our country that women have been given equal voting right with men. It clearly means that women will now take an active part in outside, affairs also. Their voice will now be as forceful and important as that of men. No politician or leader can now afford or neglect or oppose their rights. They are becoming equal partners in the making, or the dismissing of a government.

Equal rights to women- Our constitution has given equal rights to women. No distinction has been made on the basis of caste, religion or sex. There have thus been safeguarded. Reservation for women in state assemblies, parliament and the upper house is apt to be enacted in near future.

Conclusion- Happily Indian girls bagged two beauty crowns in 1994. Sushmita Sen won the Miss Universe title and Aishwarya Rai bagged the Miss World Crown. This unique double success on the world’s beauty stage earned a healthier respect for India as a whole.

We celebrated 1975 as the International women's year. But women should not misuse their position. They must know their rights and duties. They have to do something for their families and nation. Only then our society can be happy and the nation happier.



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