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Essay on The Pen is Mightier than the Sword for Students

Essay on The Pen is Mightier than the Sword for Students

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword
Introduction- There is a saying in Sanskrit that a King rules only his own kingdom while a scholar has a sway over the whole world. Of course since the beginning of the world the principle of 'might is right has been followed. The physically superior eliminates the weak. According to thinkers like Darwin only the strong have the right to live. Many kings and even religious sets have expanded their empires and spread their religions with the help of sword. Even today the nations having latest arms and ammunitions and nuclear bombs have the veto power in the U.N.O.

Pen, not the sword rules the heart- The human race anywhere in the world has no respect and no regard for these ferocious animals in the shape of human beings. The control of the mighty kings and dictators evaporates as soon as they are in their grave with the development of culture and civilization; it is the scholar writer, the poet who rules over the heart and mind of the common man. It is easy to have control through armed forces. But it is temporary aspect. In the long life of a nation or the world it is just a minor storm that rises and disappears. It is the scientist the playwright, the philosopher who has a sway and shines in the sky for ever guiding the fate of the common man.

Power of pen- The pen that wrote the Vedas was mightier than the sword of attackers that destroyed the human achievements again and again. By the power of pen, the great men like Valmiki, Newton and Milton were created. These great people have a permanent sway and guide the destiny of nations even today. Pen is omnipotent whereas sword kisses the dust from where it sprang because the pen stands for power to write. The sword stands for power to kill. The pen represents mind of man. It is powerful weapon in the hand of an intelligent person. The sword stands for the animal force in man. Both the pen and the sword are mighty weapons. But a writer uses the pen, a warrior uses the sword.

Conclusion- The pen is creative, the sword is destructive. The pen brings happiness. The sword causes suffering. The pen brings peace and knowledge. It also brings wisdom to people. It gives equal benefits to all. Intellectuals use the pen, warriors use the sword. So the pen is mightier than the sword.



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