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Essay on The Evening Scene In My Village

Essay on The Evening Scene In My Village

The Evening Scene In My Village
Introduction- India is a land of villages. Villages have their own beauty and charm. Every moment of day and night has its own attraction. Many people think that evening means the end of that day's work. During the day time, people are at work when the sun shines in the sky, all creatures on earth derive energy from the sun. After sunset all activities of life slow down. In a word, evening means rest. Even in the world of nature, evening creates a sense of rest and silence.

Wonderful evening- Gradually trees are vanishing from towns and cities. But they are found in plenty in villages. In the evening birds are seen flying back to their nests. We can enjoy the godhooli only in villages. In towns and cities, electric light destroys that scene. In villages, cattle which are not taken out to the grazing ground are fed. We can find lamps almost at every door.  Most of the villagers are poor. They cannot buy oil, so the lamps are lighted for a while only. Now there is electricity in some of the villages. Even then there is complete darkness in villages during the most part of the night.

Evening routine-Cow boys are seen returning from the grazing ground with their cattle in the evening. It is a common sight in the villages for most part of the year. Villagers go to bed early and get up early in the morning. Most of the villagers have their meals for the night early in the evening. The evening scene in villages during winter is interesting. There is a lighted fire under some tree. Villagers gather round this fire and they gossip for hours.

In villages, men are doing their work and women, too, are busy doing something in the evening. They bring water from wells. They bring some wood for fire. Soon they are engaged in cooking simple food for their families. There is silence all around the village in the evening. But scenes in villages in the evening are fast changing. Motor cars, buses, scooters and motor cycles play along the roads of the village. So, the silence and peace that we found once will no more be found now.

Conclusion-However, the evening scene in a village changes with the change of the seasons. But one thing is certain. Villagers stop work late in the evening and consider it as the end of their day's work. School going children sit down to study in the evening.



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