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Should Tablets Replace Textbooks in Schools or not?

Should Tablets Replace Textbooks in Schools or not?

While the boom in the usage of information technology is apparently swinging every day, a new move now rampant is the initiation of computerized miniature tablets for school-going children quite easily but considerably deviating from the age-old textbook based education. So, the moot point is it would rather be called a tablet-based school education from now on. This matter has been debated for some time now and amidst squabbles and contingencies in opinions, a logical resolution to it has not yet been retrieved.
Should Tablets Replace Textbooks in Schools or not?
It almost knocks our socks off pondering for a still moment that computer browsing will totally eliminate page flipping and searching through textbooks will disappear for tablet tapping. In other words, this is an out and out technological haute couture. And for many it is also a harrowing alienated world. But it is believed that the upcoming K-12 students will see a whole new era with mobile devices and computer programs taking integral part in their lives. The computer based tablets are convenient and can provide rapid access to any information under the palm. Worldwide educators have also pointed out to many positives of the computer based tablets over textbooks. Tablets can easily update information, assignments, high resolution audio and video, illustrate concepts and from online assignments students also are at an advantageous position to interact personally with the material information they are learning.

Every year there has been large sums of money spent on publishing textbooks and also among them there are some of course a few years old. Moreover to incorporate changes in them will take not less than some years. Introducing tablets will kill all these problems. The tablets, many believe will save money and improve learning as well. Some educators in India believe that by introducing iPads in the primary sections will augment research skills at an early stage. Some schools in India have made it even religious for students in the middle and high sections to carry laptops while they come to their schools.

However this tech-savvy move is not so much of an all-embracing and unanimous acquiescence. While some parents think that this particular technology-oriented education will save money a ensure holistic learning for their wards alongside. Some others are convinced that old is gold and want their wards to cling to the older system of practicing handwriting and delving into delving into books rather than getting deviated by opening tabs of facebook or youtube. Yes, we also cannot deny the feasibility of such an act. Parents are also of the perspectives that laptops or tablets cannot at all replace books because books are books which have an altogether different touch or feel to them. Moreover, greater attachment to computer screens can strain little eyes. A kid can also easily watch a movie or silently stay listening to funky music while the teacher is still teaching, which would further demand for an alternative monitoring system. The parents who themselves grew up drawing diagrams for Biology, Chemistry and other subjects also want their wards to learn that rather than insipidly waiting for the information processed on their computer screens.

But many parents also believe that the web is the best medium for the Generation Z kids, as it is very much loaded with all the information and knowledge of what has happened till date, in short they are active advocates of what they call smart learning. They are also of the view that it takes shorter time to rectify something online than what it takes to undo few errors on textbook pages. Mathematics has become fun for the kids are now able to learn it through games available online Informative data in the form of audio and visual illustrations also enhance comprehensive capacities among the kids. Parents also think themselves to be at vantage points while they are able to nurture their own tech-savvy traits along with their kids while encountering their homework assignments. Moreover, anyway these days the kids are already exposed to the web through smart phones and many other gadgets. Thus, usage of tablets won't be much of a concern for them.

Some of the Gurgaon-based schools in Delhi have already clasped to the tablets as the new teaching tool against the old textbooks. It is absolutely justified when former Microsoft CEO, Bill Gates exclaimed that it is a special moment for education." It is tell-tale of the fact that technology is at its ultra-chronic momentum. Now it is only for the people to decide whether to move along with the technologically ornate globe or to stay attached to their golden past. It is for certain that no one can, at the blink of an eye, alter for a fresh idea that has never been conceptualized at least by the laity. But things change and adaptability has always been in the human genes.



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