Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Poems and Rhymes on Postman

Poems and Rhymes on Postman

Poems and Rhymes on Postman
The Postman
Here comes the postman,
With a letter or two,
For me and you.
He walks for miles,
And brings them with a smile.
Brings news from far and near,
Sometimes all cheer,
Sometimes it’s tears.
It says loud and clear,
They all love you dear.

I see a postman everywhere
I see a postman everywhere
Vanishing in thin blue air
A mammoth letter in his hand
Postmarked from a foreign land

The postman's uniform is blue
The letter is of course from you
Ad I'd be able to read, I hope
My own name on the envelope

But he had trouble with this letter
Which constantly grows bigger & biger
And over and over with a stare
He vanishes in blue blue air

Postman, bring me a letter
Postman, bring me a letter
Bring me a sign I'm not forgotten
Bring me a package from someone I know
Postman knock on my door
Postman your my only friend

Postman write me a letter to send

Rat a tat – tat
Rat a tat – tat,
Who is that ?
It is the postman,
With letters in a bag,
He brings letters from far and near,
From my friends who are very dear.



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