Friday, 4 January 2019

No one can win alone but unity can

No one can win alone but unity can

“We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided." This quote by JK Rowling puts forth how unity brings strength with it. In today's day and age, where everyone is fighting everyone, the stance to be united is required. People are running in a rat race to go ahead of others in terms of the life they lead, education, jobs and standard of living but not realizing the fact that they are in a race against themselves only. In a competitive scenario, unity is taking a back seat. It is high time that the moral value of unity be nurtured so that the world can become a better place to live in.

No one can win alone but unity can
Unity can be described as being the state of being united or together. It is the feeling of oneness, togetherness and harmony for a common objective. Unity doesn't mean to jeopardize the individual interests of the person. It means to move together in a direction with other people without compromising on anybody. 'No one can win alone, but unity can' in itself is a clear statement which puts emphasis on how strength underlies unity. It is to be remembered that when people act in unison with each other, their strength increases manifolds. The significance of unity can be very well depicted by the nature also. Thin fibers of jute when twisted together into a rope can control the hugest of living being. Similarly, little drops of water together make up the seas and oceans and each grain of sand together makes up the whole world. Unity reigns supreme in every walk of our life. To achieve any goal professionally, the boss needs the support of his staff at all the hierarchical levels If there is difference between the colleagues and if the team doesn't work in unison, the goal can never be accomplished. Each and every person in a united team takes charge of the success of the company. No big achievement can be made without unity on side. While playing a game of cricket or football, if the players don't have a united goal to make their team win, then irrespective of how much hard work the players pitch in, they won't be able to succeed.

Unity is very important as it pays in every sphere of human activities. The moral value of unity often taught to the young ones through fables. A fable of a farmer and his quarrelsome sons points out how unity can defy all odds. The farmer asked his son to break a bundle of sticks. None of his son was able to do it, but each one of them could easily break the sticks when the bundles were open and untied. The farmer pointed to his sons about the importance of living united and the danger of living divided and separate. He further explained that unity has an inherent strength to it which has the power to protect them against all the harms from outside. Thus, it is evident that unity binds us whereas disunity leads to rack and ruin. Unity is a beast in itself. If two young boys are playing along and on the other side is a giant strong man, the wolf will run towards the man and not the young boys. Thus, it is necessary for the mankind to stay united, standing shoulder so that no external evil can ever cheat and divide them.

The importance of unity is well described in the fight for independence of our country, India. The British applied the policy of 'Divide and Rule' to disintegrate the base of the nation for their own good. But over the years, many freedom fighters struggled and fought for the freedom but couldn't attain it because unity among Indians was absent. Initially, they were too apprehensive and timid to fight their opponents. But with constant motivation and encouragement by Gandhiji and other freedom fighters, the whole nation stood together to ultimately remove the foreigners from the country. The significance of unity in a nation can never be over-estimated. The complex belief system of the nation to say the least about the usefulness of unity cannot stand until and unless there is unity at the grassroots level. A society can be considered as a small unit of nation. People

of different mind sets, priorities and backgrounds constitute a society. Opinions and beliefs also vary among people. But when the essential unity is the organization of a well-ordered society, it will without a doubt contribute to the organic unity of the nation in a way by which it will prosper and grow and of which it is an indivisible part of. National integration is thus the need of the hour, especially in days of extreme terrorism and extremism. Steps should be taken to eradicate evils like caste system, dowry system, gender inequality and child labor so that our country can sync together in unison. Unity is certainly the strength of our country and Unity in diversity is an important feature which reflects that irrespective of varied diversity in the country, the countrymen are committed to their motherland.

Thus, it is for the people of the society to understand that the habit of cultivating unity should Thus, it is for the people of the society to understand that the habit of cultivating unity should be inculcated among the young ones from the very beginning. Families should set up examples to define the concept of unity to the coming generation so that it reflects in their overall conduct and attitude towards the society and the nation. The habit of unity instills strength and the poet in overall persona of the individual. It is important for each one of us to understand that forming strong and durable links with one another is essential to create a society, wherein unity prevails and prevents the citizens from disastrous consequences. 'United we stand, divided we fall' sums up the importance of staying in unison in every aspect of life to lead a happy and pompous life together.



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